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UPDATED:  March 1, 2001

Friends and Family

March already!?!?!  this is nuts!!  It's half way through the spring semester.  Midterms are a week away.  Things have really been great.  I've been  busier than ever!!  I've had the opportunity to play with some really great players, and my quartet has really come together.   Suppose I should tell you who I'm playing with.... That'd be helpful.
Rebecca Cline - Piano
Dayne Stephens - Tenor
Erik Privert -  Bass

They are all AMAZING musicians, and it's really MY pleasure to be playing with them.  I've also had the opportunity over the past few months to play with some of Boston's best... including Mark Greel, Brian Mc Crae, Dave Samuels, George Russell Jr., Ron Murphy, Marianne Solivan, Lance Martin, Walter Smith, Larry Roland, and so many more....   I'm truly blesed to have been given these opportunities.

My Resume has been updated... and I PROMISE the rest of the site will be shortly!!

Keep checking back for updates!!!


There is a NEW Herklots Family Webpage.  The Address is
Herklots Family Members from all over the world have been meeting each other... so if you haven't checked out the site, PLEASE DO!!!

Just a reminder:  The Herklots Family Connection is still active in addition to the new site!


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