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Berklee College of Music:

The Official Tower of Power Website

Sabian Cymbal Company

Pearl Drum Company

Vic Firth Company

Remo Drum Heads

Modern Drummer Magazine

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"Miles & Coltrane" Miles Davis &John Coltrane
"Blue Train" John Coltrane
"Lush Life" John Coltrane
"Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet" Miles Davis
"Kind of Blue" Miles Davis
"Time-Out" Dave Brubeck
"Pennies From Heaven" Stan Getz
"Ratamacue" Fourplay
"Airmial Special" Louie Bellson

"Rhythm and Business" Tower of Power
"Souled Out" Tower of Power
"TOP" Tower of Power
"Keep Your Monster on a Leash" Tower of Power
"Tower of Power" Tower of Power

"Left of Cool" Bela Fleck and the Flectones
"The best of Al Jarreau Al Jarreau
"Viaggio Italiano" Andrea Bocelli


"Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer" Jim Chapin
"Syncopation" Ted Reed
"Sticking Patterns" Gary Chaffee
"Rhythm & Meter Patterns" Gary Chaffee
"Studio and Big Band Drumming" Steve Houghton
"Advanced Funk Studies" Rick Latham
"Contemporary Drummer +One" Dave Weckl
"Textbook of Drum Set Excercises" Richard Baccaro
"50 Contemporary Snare Drum Etudes" Alexander Lepak
"Progressive Studies for the Snare Drum" Carl E. Gardner

The Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concerts

Welcome to the personal homepage of
drummer, Michael Herklots. This page has a
number of different uses. First, it serves
as a way to learn more about Michael just as
a person as well as a drummer. Second, it can
be used to keep in touch with Mike, and keep up
with his latest projects. Finally, this page
can serve as a resource to other drummers, as
well as a link to other members of the
drumming family.

~Ways to get around Mike's Page~

Mike's Bio


Mike's SET-UP

Directory of Drummers

Mike's "Friends and Family Page"

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Be sure to take advantage of everything
this site has to offer. In the left hand
column, you will find links to many of the
pages which Mike has found to be very
informative, and interesting. The main body
of this page contains information where you
can contact Mike, and he loves to hear from people!!

"I have found drumming and music to be the
basis of my existence here. Drumming
provides me with a release, a 'Separate
Peace' where I know I can always turn and
find myself regardless of the other factors
within my environment."

-Michael Herklots

Mike's love and appreciation for music in many
styles is certainly evident in the SUGGESTED
LISTENING portion of this page. Take a minute
to check out some of the music in this section.
They are all songs and artists which have
inspired Mike in one way or another, and
continue to.

This your chance to send comments, suggestions, and other feedback.

Mike's "Words of Wisdom"

"The best musician performs not with
his talent, but with his intelligence."

"Music washes away the dust of everyday life
from your feet"
-Art Blakey

"You never get a second chance to make a good
first impression."
-Richard Herklots (Mike's Dad)

"These quotes have come to be very important
to me musically, personally, and otherwise.
The first is very important. You can be a
great player who can sight read anything, but
if you don't 'use your intelligence' to
interpret what the music is saying, then
all you're doing is just playing the notes
on the page, but that'a not being musical.
What you have to do is look beyond the notes
on the page and get inside the music; that's
what I mean by '...play with your intelligence'.
If you can do that, you'll be the best cat on
the scene.

The second one was recently shared with me
by my grandfather. What a great quote by
one of the Greatest Jazz Drummers ever!! (If
you're not familiar with Art's playing, check
it out!!) I believe that everyone involved in music;
whether you perform, compose, or just listen,
can relate to that quote. Regardless of your
mood, or train of thought, music is so powerful
that it can remove you from whereever you are
and place you whereever you want to be.

The final quote speaks for itself, and holds true
in any situation; not just music".

Michael Herklots

mailbox 120 Berklee College of Music
150 Mass Ave
Boston, MA 02115-2697
United States

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